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Zolo’s Employee Calendar 2020

Designed 2020s employee calendar for Zolo. The hand drawn patterns by the team, and the beautifully penned poem by the copywriter, added to the sensory quality of the final output.

Zolo's social media creatives (animation)

This was a concept I presented for social media creatives, wherein I tried to capture the quirks of types of roommates we come across in a Co-living or a PG, using animated GIFs.

Creatives for SolarSquare

As a Freelance Graphic designer, I helped SolarSquare with D2C marketing creatives to be shared on WhatsApp.

Quick logo animation pitch for Arvind Ltd.

This was a short freelance pitch work I did for Arvind. The brief was to make a quick logo animation communicating the legacy of Arvind Ltd. as India's first and leading textile manufacturer. This project did not see the light of day, but was a wonderful learning experience.

Video Story for KhushiBaby

Khushibaby has been working to ensure equitable health care at the last mile. During my time working with them in Udaipur, I was lucky to work on this short documentary which talks about KhushiBaby's impact.

KhushiBaby explainer video animation

I made an explainer video for KhushiBaby to explain the public health ecosystem, and how the solution designed & developed by KhushiBaby works within it.

Zolo’s social media creatives/ad (static)

As a graphic designer working with Zolo, one of my responsibilities was to work on creatives. These are a few samples of work that I did.

In an attempt to experiment with different marketing tools, I got to explore stickers at Zolo. I contributed to concepts with the team & illustrated all the theme-specific WhatsApp stickers. Read more...

Keep-it-simple Branding

Did a small identity design exercise for Zolo stay’s proposed sub-brand, 'keep it simple'.

The brand's goal was to connect with the younger crowd in the market who are looking for affordable accommodation.

Channapatna craft collab

This project was done when I was in college. We were given the opportunity to collaborate with the artisans to develop a new range of products that can be manufactured using existing production infrastructure.


A collection of some of the design works that I could not put under a label/ category is here.

Annual Report for KhushiBaby

I was working with khushiBaby as a freelance designer last year. Khushibaby works at the last mile to help government deliver public health services more efficiently. Read it here

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